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StarBabies and StarTots – Will NOT be offered Summer 2020

The purpose of this course is to foster in very young children a high comfort level in the water while at the same time training parents and caregivers in water safety and drowning prevention. This course does not teach children to become accomplished swimmers or to survive in the water; it does provide a confidence-building,fun, and loving experience.

Stage White: Trust and Control

Safety Skill: Understand constant and dedicated surveillance

Swim Skill: Parent and child are relaxed and confident, and enjoy being in the water together

Stage Red: Body Positions 

Safety Skill: Fit and properly put a life jacket on the child

Swim Skill: Perform a relaxed front, back, vertical, and side position for at least 5 seconds each

Stage Yellow: Submersion

Safety Skill: Use flotation to help someone in the water and know how to call 911

Swim Skill: Enter from the wall, submerge, turn around, grab on to the wall, and pull up (assisted)

Stage Blue: Air Recovery and Rollover

Safety Skill: Identify six methods of preventing recreational water illness

Swim Skill: Enter from the wall, submerge,come to surface unassisted and can get a breath in vertical or horizontal (on back) position

Green: Forward Movement 

Safety Skill: Know about infant and child CPR

Swim Skill: Move through the water independently 10 feet, with or without flotation

Starfish Swim School  Ages 3-99

This class is for children ages 3-5 that will better develop their comfort level in water and increase their readiness to swim. It teaches functional swim skills for those developmentally ready while using creative, fun activities in the water.

Students from the age of 6-12 will work toward developing the five core swimming competencies by using age-appropriate learning activities. The learning in these classes is self-paced, but challenging.

Core Skill Achievement Stages

Stages White Red Yellow Blue Green
Ages 3-5 If the student…

Is afraid of water…

If the student…

Can’t swim without support but loves the water…

If the student…

Is not afraid…

If the student…

Can swim underwater or on the surface, and get occasional breath…

If the student…

Can tread water for at least 15 seconds…

Ages 6-12 Can’t swim at all… Will get face wet… Can float on front and back…
Ages 13- older Will not get faced…

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Will jump in…

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Can jump inn and return to surface…

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Sign up for Blue Group Can freestyle with rotary (side) breathing…

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Starfish Stroke School Ages 6-99

Students refine freestyle and learn stroke technique for backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, and more!

Stage White: Freestyle, Introduction to Backstroke

Safety Skill: Always ask permission before getting in the water

Swim Skill: Swim freestyle 30 feet with the body stretched out and consistent form; 30 feet of triple-switch backstroke

Stage Red: Backstroke, Introduction to Butterfly

Safety Skill: Put on a lifejacket from in the water, kick 30 feet

Swim Skill: Swim 30 feet backstroke with straight arm recovery, body roll, good arm and body extension; perform arm down pulsing for 15 feet.

Stage Yellow: Butterfly

Safety Skill: Scenario assist and know when to call 911

Swim Skill: Swim 4 strokes to butterfly with only one breath, then remainder of pool freestyle

Stage Blue: Breaststroke

Safety Skill: Discuss the Starfish safety concepts

Swim Skill: Swim 30 feet breaststroke with good timing and extension

Stage Green: Endurance 

Safety Skill: Tread water or survival float for 2 minutes

Swim Skill: Swim freestyle 50 yards; swim backstroke 50 yards; swim 25 yards butterfly; swim 50 yards breaststrokes; perform freestyle and backstroke flip turns and butterfly and breaststroke open turns

Guard Start

Designed for youth ages 13-14, Our GuardStart program provides a foundation of lifeguarding and life skills. For youth with swimming skills, this program makes an ideal transition between Learn-to-Swim and an American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course.

GuardStart focuses on five key areas:

  • Prevention of aquatic accidents
  • Fitness and swimming skills
  • Response in an emergency
  • Leadership skills
  • Professionalism as a lifeguard